Area Wide Plan

The City of Cheyenne along with its Coalition partners received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Area-Wide Planning Grant to prepare a neighborhood revitalization plan for the West Edge District.

Cheyenne’s West Edge Area Wide Plan studies the strategic redevelopment of underutilized and potentially contaminated land. The aim of this Plan is to collaborate with stakeholders, identify priority projects, establish guidelines, and develop remediation strategies that can spur activity and encourage long-term redevelopment and investments that have the ability to create employment opportunities.

A critical component of this Plan is the open, inclusive public planning process that includes businesses, residents and other stakeholders to ensure expectations are met and opportunities
in the West Edge District are maximized for all people. The Area Wide Plan will appear before Planning Commission October 3, 2016. We’d love to hear your feedback on the Plan and invite you to the public hearing to present your views. For more information, contact Logan Graves at / .

Download the Entire Area Wide Plan (PDF, 33.8MB)

Section 1: Introduction, Existing Conditions, Public Involvement

This section describes the location, context, and framework of the West Edge, highlighting key opportunities and constrains. The public involvement process description includes meetings, stakeholder coordination, web postings and events.

Download Section 1

Section 2: District Planning, Design Guidelines, Streetscape Recommendations

This section focuses on the future of the West Edge and provides detailed guidance intended to help builders, investors and developer understand the community vision for revitalization within the West Edge.

Download Section 2

Section 3: Catalyst Sites

Section Three provides visualizations and costs associated with potential public and private improvements that have the potential to boost their surroundings with benefits to the larger district.

Download Section 3

Section 4: Funding & Implementation Strategies, Conclusion

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